Close Call, but First’s Come Through

Todays team (Nov 29th) to try to get the better of Camberley was:
1) Stefan
2) Damon
3) Chris
4) Gareth
5) Rob
Rob went on first and was against an opponent who concentrated putting everything in the nick.  No it was not a Stanton in disguise.  Losing the first few points, mostly to nicks, Rob got a break… a break in his opponent’s strings.  There was no looking back and Rob dominated thereafter, sealing a comfortable 3-0 win.
Meanwhile Gareth was undergoing rigorous CRB checks against an under age opponent.  We did not want any Mr Saville reported incidents. Gareth was being quite cautious and gentle with his game.. Still there was a bagel after bagel after bagel.  Gareth wrapped up a one-sided match 3-0 and 27-0.
Damon was not really at the races. Despite winning the first game, he wasted lots of opportunities and was not really in the match.  Maybe the mind was elsewhere.. anyhow this resulted in a 3-1 defeat.
Stefan was playing a young 16 year old, so the key was to finish quickly and not let this turn into a marathon.  Stefan raced to a 2-0 lead… however the 16 year old kept running.. Stefan had match-point in the third, but a stunning dive (Gareth Bale like), kept the rally going and a tinned drop shot prevented this match from ending.  Stefan lost the third and fourth games..  and it was all down to the fifth.  Stefan tried hard but ultimately the 16 year old had the edge.. and a 3-2 defeat.
So 2 games all and down to Chris.  At this point, Chris gave himself the man of the match for winning the game.  A short time later.. Chris had wrapped up a 3-0 win.. and indeed did win the game and match.
Overall a 3-2 win (17-6)
MotM – For putting it out there and walking the walk, Chris for winning the game decider.

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