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Berkshire Squash organises separate Summer and Winter inter-club leagues, in which Hart

Squash has competed in since 1993. Over the years, there have inevitably been many highs

and lows, but there has, overall, been much success which we can look back on with pride.

Sadly, we don’t have a cabinet to display the many trophies that we have won in recognition

of division-winning teams over the years, though it would be a struggle to fit them all in!

Looking way back (1997 – 2002), there was a period when we were able to run 4 teams, but

mostly between 1995 and 2015 we had 3 teams. In 2009, in both Summer and Winter

seasons, our first team won promotion to the top league for the first time; and whilst we were

relegated the following season, we bounced back again. Our team was not strong enough to

hold our own – though in the Summer season 2015, we finished 2 nd – our highest ever

finishing position.

The move from Hart Leisure Centre to The Garrison in 2017 covered a difficult period, when

the club was only able to enter 1 team, but we have grown stronger both in numbers and

player quality.

In the post-covid year, 2022-23, Hart Squash enjoyed fantastic success – the first team won

Division 1, in both Summer and the Winter that followed, gaining promotion once again to

the Premier Divisions. Our second team won Division 5 in Summer 2022, and Division 3 in

Winter 22/23. A Hart Squash team also won the Berkshire League Annual Shield cup


It was quite a year, but of course now (in the following year), the first team. have their work

cut out against the best teams and players in Berkshire.

The results and fixtures for Winter 2023/24 can be found in the links below

League Master

League Master

However the season unfolds, we are very proud of the overall success that a leisure centre club has achieved over the years and the contribution that Hart Squash continues to make to Berkshire Squash (even though we are based in Hampshire!).

We have a strong core of players, but the foundation for the club's success and durability is undoubtedly built around the friendliness and sociability of members, which pervades through the whole Club.

We always welcome new team players, and if you are interested, please contact Adrian via a message on the ‘Contact’ page.

We also run a team in the Berkshire Veterans League (players over 45) during the Winter season (See our Berkshire Vets page). Again, new players with some previous team experience would be most welcome to bolster our aging squads!!

New players always welcome!

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