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Congratulations to Ash Stoby, who was the winner of Division One, Rahul Kumar (Div 2),  Tony Scardarella (Div 3),  Chris Jones (Div 4), John Summersby (Div 5), Stephen Easton (Div 6), Sam Morgan (Div 7) and KB Kabiru for winning each of the other divisions in the last session ended 27th January 2024


Please log in to the website: in order to post results of your league matches


The leagues are no longer posted on the notice board at The Garrison but the current league members can be viewed below:

Leagues for Nov - Dec 2023
Download PDF • 151KB

**The current session is due to end on Saturday March 9th**

Please make an effort to arrange and play your matches.

*The Club is now advocating that matches are played on the Point-A-Rally (PAR) basis, and that each game is played to 15 (when 14-14 is reached, the game is won by the first player to go 2 clear points ahead).

Games may be played at Hawley or Hook and it is therefore the responsibility of both players to ensure that the points for any matches played at a venue other than the Garrison, are added to the online league as soon as possible after the match.

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