Mac Stars in Close Encounter in Windsor

The third team for the visit to Windsor on Nov 29th was:

1) Mac (first match for the 3rds this season)

2) Ashley (primed, but not enough sleep)

3) Rick  (playing lots of squash)

4) Phil  (Ready and full of energy. Rick didn’t believe me…)

5) Cate  (The knee attacker)

I arrived a bit late, took a while to get the car defrosted, but found I was the first and they had 4 of their team and yes, a perfect mis-match, their number 4 was on the way. Next to arrive was Cate, and soon the rest arrive. Cate had to borrow a spare racket from Ashley as she had broken her racket on Rob’s knee (Dod V1), he didn’t notice, a hard man!!!!

First up Cate and Ashley:

Cate went on court and started intimidating her opponent with the warning she breaks rackets on her opponents knees. This didn’t seem to work as Cate’s opponent made a good start and looked comfortable, but then Cate got her range, length and drops, and started to pull the game back and finished it off; one up. We then had a tight tussle getting to 2-2, with all to play for in the 5th. This was a tight game, with the opponent get a strong start again, but Cate reeled him in, but then a couple of winning shots by the opponent and he had clinched the match. Good game.

Meanwhile Ashley was on and stormed through the first game; great start and looking good. But then the opponents drops and tricky shots started to bite; some were just ridiculous, even when Ashley had done a great shot, there was another winning drop!! Next 2 games went the wrong way. Ashley fought back and upped his game, getting the 4th so 2-2 again & all on the 5th. Ashley’s late nights, early morning and thought of getting up next day at 5 to go to Ireland looked to be on his mind, and the 5th went the wrong way – so another close match, but the wrong outcome.

Rick and I followed on from Cate and Ashley.

Me first. From the knock up I wondered what sort of match we were to have, as he seemed determined to hit the ball to me as hard and low as possible, and wearing long shorts, so assumed an eccentric. More worryingly, I could get no power; was it just my “power” racquet being re-strung, or me hitting the rim to save the worn strings in the middle! We started, he got off to a good start and went in front but I realised in the first game, (must have been awake for a change), this was going to be a battle of who can drop first. Thankfully my drops were working, so most rallies were 2 or 3 shots long, and I went 2 up and match point in the 3rd. Tried a few tricky shots, lost the game, then lost the next. 2-2, ummm …. thought I had grown out of getting in the commanding position and losing 3-2. Luckily the last game went all my way and easy 5th to win.

Meanwhile Rick had been giving excuses about DIY and playing squash every night; also Rick was one up on Movember, – he going for the Full Beardember (or is that “cant be bothered to Shavember”). Well, when I came off court, Rick was still “cooling” down and having a chat with his opponent, not looking so good having gone down valiantly 3-1. From reports, from Rick, his opponent liked running around the court even more than Rick. I wish I had seen it !!

Finally Mac, first game for 7wks, so not saying what we were thinking, but looking forward to some strong hitting from Mac… and he did not disappoint. Mac was still hitting the ball as sweetly as ever, one micron above the tin, no matter how many walls it hit before. Next, question from the balcony “Has he lost weight??” Anyway, back to the squash; Mac stormed into the lead in the first game, but his opponent was moving and started getting his shots back and Mac had to move, so a loss in the first game and not looking good. In the second game, Mac came back strong, making it harder to read his shots; (I can’t even read his reverse boast from the balcony); the drops were spot on as well, & he won the second 1-1, but Mac was starting to breath. Time to go for a quick shower (that’s me not Mac). Came back to find its 2-2 AGAIN, and the 5th just started. Questions for the balcony, can Mac make it? Well yes. He can still read the game well and moved forward with grace, luckily was not asked to move sideways too often, so a great win for Mac.

MOTM: My vote: Mac for pulling it out of the bag again

Food feast for Rick after as 3 spare plate of food to eat. He did have to fight as Cate’s opponent was eating anything in reach, determined not going to leave anything for the bin.


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