RacketballThe sport began as Racquetball in the US but was adapted in England in the 1970’s to be played on a conventional squash court. The popularity of Racketball varied across the country but nonetheless it grew and in 2009 England Squash, the governing body of squash and racketball in England, became England Squash & Racketball.

It is clear that Racketball is now well established and there are increasing participation levels at other squash clubs locally and around the UK and is now one of the UK’s fastest growing sports. However, whilst It is flourishing elsewhere, it  has not yet taken off in our area. We hope to change that by providing opportunities for both its current members and potential players in and around Aldershot, Fleet and Farnborough.

So how does RACKETBALL differ from squash? Most obviously, the ball is larger and bouncier, and the racket has a larger head and shorter shaft. This means that the  hand, eye, & ball coordination will be better, making it an easier game to play.

Racketball is growing in popularity for several reasons – it is less frenetic than squash and it provides a great workout with a competitive game for men and women of all ages and abilities. The game provides continued fitness and fun in later years, when the physical demands of squash become too great. …… and there is also the social side of the sport to enjoy.

For the tennis player, it can provide a similar level of intensity, however the bouncy ball means longer rallies and equally important, no endless ball collecting!

We have also found that racketball is an excellent game for youngsters who have no previous court experience. The skills are easily acquired and the children rapidly gain confidence in their game, since it is easier to have rallies. Those children who master the game can then be introduced to squash and find the transition easy. See also the junior page, where there are details for Gary Hales who is a Racketball qualified coach.

Racketball is great fun for everybody, a great way to meet new people and of course get fit and active. And once you have mastered singles, there is also doubles racketball.

And don’t take my word for it – take a look at this video:


So how about giving it a go?

If you would like to see what its like, please contact The Garrison on 01252 347724 to book a court.