Summer Ups and Downs

The First team for the first match of the Summer 2014

Stefan, Gareth, Paul, Elliott, Rob.

Drama! No footballing injury for Elliott this week – he was fine and raring to go. It was Paul who had been on his sick-bed – days of D&S (as he put it) meant he was doubtful but fortunately he felt better on Thursday after receiving a Pepler pep-talk (he was needed!). Chris was playing in the Wellington championships during the week and if he won the Semi on Wednesday, he would not play Thursday as the final was on Friday. So the text duly arrived Wednesday evening confirming he had been successful and the call went out to Dog v1 to advise him that he needed to step up from the seconds.

All of this made no difference to their performance of course as they are well used to winning and continued their run – even Mr Barker, who despite the trauma he had experienced during the week managed to find some reserves in the tank to win 3~2. As did Elliott on his return – as did Rob at 5. Stefan had another great win at 1 and Gareth picked up a game at 2. A fantastic 18 points to start the season.

Sadly the seconds were somewhat weaker than I had hoped they might be when I wrote my first mail. The final team line-up was:

Phil, Zul, Tom, Mac and Jonny

Every one of the second team’s opponents in Div 2 this Summer are first teams so every match will be tough. Thursday’s match against Windsor 1 was one-sided, with just Phil picking up a game. There will be better days, I am sure.

The thirds were also inevitably weakened but gave a good account of themselves against Burghfield. The team:

Rob W, Phil, Adrian, Stephen and Dave Wroe

The thing to note about this team is that it may well have been the oldest team that has ever represented Hart. I don’t keep these stats, but given a cumulative age of 283 (an average of 56) I think it’s a fair shout!

The youngest of the team, Rob, a mere 49 picked up a game, Phil had a super match (MotM) pushing his young opponent all the way but just missed out as his legs tired in the 5th. Adrian won 3~1, Stephen played the most awkward player in the Burghfield line-up, and Dave had a good 3~1 win at 5. So the old boys did OK, all-in-all and picked up 9 valuable points.

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