A Whitewash for Wellington?

Well Match Day 2 was billed as Hart v Wellington and after Hart 1 had had a crushing 17~6 win over Welly 2 and Hart 2 had made mincemeat of Welly 4, the question now is could Hart 3 produce a stunning display to make it a whitewash?
1. Ash v Tiel
2. Mac v Stirling
3. Dave A v Alan
4. Adrian v James
5. Jonny v Malcolm
Somehow we all managed to find parking spaces, in an overflowing car park, and the Welly players were champing at the bit to get started. Jonny was ready go and took on one of the older players in the team. I did not see any of the match as I was marking but reports say that Jonny needs to work out his opponents a bit quicker – he played a great third game, but unfortunately the first 2 had already been lost. And then there is consistency………. once you find a game plan that works, stick to it. Not easy; and we started with a 3~1 defeat.
Strange ol’ game between Dave and Alan on the other court. It would interesting to know how a professional gambler would calculate the odds on this match before it started! I would definitely have a few quid on Dave coming through in 5, but those odds might shift a bit during the match.
Game 1 – forecast:- investment lost as Dave ran out a 9~0 winner
Game 2 – forecast:- investment more hopeful as when Alan was 6~0 down, he strung 9 points together on the trot to make it 1~1.
Game 3 – forecast:- investment now looking good. Dave dominant and back in charge, a 9~2 winner, ……. but starting to breathe more heavily
Game 4 – forecast:- investment now shaky! Dave leading, but breathless. Alan fighting all the way. 8~8; match and game balls either way, but eventually Alan got the last point. Dave sunk to his knees, head on the ground. Nothing left.
Game 5 – forecast:- Investment safe, a guaranteed win. Dave has got a reserve tank (we have seen it before) and so it proved again as he it turned on and ran out a 9~3 winner.  
I tell you – get your money on Dave!
Mac, back from injury taking on Stirling, still rather upset from his drubbing by Elliott at the end of the Summer season. Did not see the match – and Mac was not happy after the first 2, but then got his game together and gave Stirling a great game in the third. But Mac still not back up to full speed and the match score now Welly 2 Hart 1
Ash was taking on Tiel and looking good when Adrian when on after Mac. James, is not Adrian’s favourite opponent being awkward in the way he moves around the court, and awkward in the way he hits the ball – …….. but maybe that’s the way he thinks about Adrian too!! It was a closely fought match and surprisingly it was Adrian that held the advantage. 7~2 up in the first quickly became 7~7 as he gave away 5 quick points before getting back on track and winning the next 2. The 2nd was nip and tuck all the way, with Adrian getting to 8 first, but then he gave away a couple of points, before staying cool and taking the game 10~8. And the 3rd was more of the same – a few more lets and strokes – but at the end Adrian took the game and the match.
All that remained was to find out if Ash had managed to take his match and complete the whitewash. Regrettably no. Having started where he left off in Bracknell 2 weeks ago, he took the first easily and was 8~4 up in the second. Just one more point…………….. Tiel got the next 6 and made it 1~1. In a match noted for its good humour and excellent marking, the tide had turned and Tiel took the 3rd. There may have been a chance for Ash in the 4th but Tiel closed the door and made it 3~1
Not a bad effort from the third team overall – 8 valuable points but a resounding victory for Hart by 45 points to 25 (17.6 / 20.3 / 8.16)
MoTM – Only one candidate. Dave because I won a packet!

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