Festive Cheer for Hart Teams

Last match before Santa arrives: the 1st team v University 1 (away)

1) Stefi 2) Damo 3) Chrissie 4) Gary 5) Robbo

Things kicked off a little later than planned…. Stefan was driving up from Cornwall, Chris was going to be late from the City and the Uni number 5 thought it was an away match and was heading to Hart! Could we fit 5 games into just over 2 hours?
Damon up first against his drinking buddy Dan Ford… This match was a game of attrition and in typical Damon style and tradition, it went to 5 games.  Eventually, Damon took the fifth and the match 3-2.
Gareth was playing youth again (not as young as the previous match) so when the student finally arrived, he had probably just got out of bed. Gareth played well enough to keep his opponent under wraps. Despite losing the second game, Gareth ran away with it and a good 3-1 win.
Chris realised that time was pressing and as he wanted to stay for the Chinese (who wouldn’t!), decided to get his game finished as quick as possible.  A short time later, Chris won 3-0 and as there was no sweating, Chris did not need a shower.
Rob split his match into 3 parts:
Part 1: deciding to use a third court to get the match in, started on court 3.  Rob started at a fast pace and took the first fairly comfortably. His opponent changed tactic and decided to start lobbing and dropping, to the delight of Rob, who slipped into “I hate this type of squash” mode and lost the second. Then we were kicked off the court as it was pre-booked by some young tax-dodging students.
Part 2: Once Chris had finished on court 1 (a slightly colder court), some 15 minutes later, Rob increased the pace and decided to take lobs out of the equation… it worked and took a 2-1 lead…. then the ball burst.
Part 3: Some 5 minutes later when a new ball was found and it was warmed up…  Rob did not ease off the pace and won the final game.  A Good 3-1 win.
Last up was Stefan.  Pre-match, Stefan was talking bagels… whether this was what he wanted to inflict on his opponent or snacks in the car on his journey to Cornwall and back.  To the dismay of a hungry and thirsty crowd, Stefan with a mix of complacency and a shoe malfunction, managed to let this go 5 games.  To be honest his opponent fought well, but sometimes Stefan’s feet and SHOES kept letting him down.  In the end Stefan came good and took the fifth and we all buggered off up the Chinese for a banquet!
Overall a 5-0 win (20-6)
MotM – Tough one… as we all won.  However for getting his match won quickly and ensure we got to the Chinese on time… MotM goes to Chris.  Not that Chris was the only one to win 3-0!

Everyone have a great Christmas and New Year.  I hope Santa Claus brings you everything you put on your Christmas list. Otherwise be festive, so eat and drink too much!

On the same evening, the 2nd team took on Marlow 2 at home:

1- Phil,  2- Dogv2,  3- Elliott,  4- Simon,  and 5- Tom

First to arrive Simon greeted who he thought was the waiting opposition on the balcony. “No I’m from University” was the reply. Sorry buddy but the firsts are playing away tonight and off he trotted to lob and drop Dogv1 some hours later

HLC was chilly and Simon got the match started against a leftie. A short time later and 3-0 to the good Simon was back on the balcony marking Elliott (see below) having barely broken sweat.

Dogv2 had the warmest court but his bandana-wearing middle-aged opponent looked like he simply couldn’t be bothered. Dogv2 was merciless and also rattled off a rather dull 3-0 win.

Elliott started with a first game bagel, conceding only one serve. It was beginning to look like a 9 pm arrival at the pub, when oddly, at 3-0 up in the second Elliott also went in to “can’t be bothered” mode. A very tight second game ensued which included perhaps the worst serve I have ever seen. Elliott’s opponent attempted to hit a bodyline serve but chose his own body by mistake.  Much to the amusement of the gallery, had the serve not been out it would have been a stroke! Anyway Elliott won the second 10-9 and then his game completely collapsed.  Drop-shots barely made it beneath the service line, mis- hits and conceded strokes were aplenty. About an hour later after much swearing and racket abuse Elliott finally capitulated 10-9 in the fifth

Phil, dressed in rather loud orange shorts, made slightly heavy weather of his game but came through a 3-1 winner.  Can’t say much more about this one as I was too busy freezing my nuts off marking Elliott’s cliff-hanger.

Tom was last up and he made short work of his opponent coming through 3-0.

Overall a 4-1 (19-4) win for Hart seconds.

Special mention that Mac was there supporting us all the way.

Motm :- not Phil – lost a game and had foul-coloured shorts, not Dogv2 as his opponent couldn’t be bothered, not Elliott as he lost, not Tom as he was late. Could have given it to Mac for his support, but goes to Simon as nobody else worthy





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