Foo Fighter Lends Firsts a Helping Hand

The team selected for this difficult clash against the Army on Nov 15th was:
1) Stefan
2) Chris
3) Gareth
4) Rob
5) Dave Grohl
With Dog3v2 pulling out at the last minute, it was left for us to find a last minute replacement.  Pulling into the Army car park (amazingly) the Foo Fighters tour bus was parked up and Dave Grohl (who could easily be mistaken for Dog 3v2!) was outside lighting up.  After signing an autograph, I asked him if he had ever played squash!  Funnily enough he played regularly and had some kit on the bus.  So he agreed to step in and replace pornstar Paul.
Having spent a “cold day in the sun “, Dave was “better off ” first on court.  “If ever ” we needed a win, it was against a strong “hell ” of an Army team.  This was a “back & forth ” tussle… which player was going to “breakout ” first?  At 2 games all and pending the deciding fifth, it looked like the “long road to ruin “.  But in “times like these ” it was the person who had the “wheels ” who was going to win..  Dave was getting tired and there was “no way back “, his opponent was in “overdrive “… Dave lost the final game and it was “over and out “.  3-2 defeat.
It was difficult to know if Gareth was enjoying his game..  I was too busy talking to the Foo Fighters and their groupies, so I missed most of Gareth’s game.  As it happens Gareth lost 3-1, but a point is a good point against this tough Army team who are top of the league.
As Dave showered and rejoined his band and groupies, Rob went on court.  The first two games could have gone either way.  His opponent getting a few lucky nicks at the right time.  Rob lost the first two games 9-7, 9-7.  However Rob suffered at the hands of the Army court.  At the start of the third game, a pulled thigh muscle, ending this match prematurely.  Rob conceding.
Meanwhile Chris was having a real battle against a very good opponent.  It really was an endurance battle.  Rally after rally.. Scramble after scramble.. This match went all the way to the fifth game.  Both players were playing really well.  In the end, a few too many tins cost Chris the match.  Still a good effort and a valuable 2 points.
Stefan up last, was trying to maintain his 100% win percentage.  Could Stefan manage this, knowing that he may (?) not be as fit as his Army opponent.  Well ,Stefan won the first and narrowly lost the second 10-9.  In the third, Stefan’s opponent had the same jinx, Rob had.  The fate of playing on that Army court.. His opponent suffering a knee injury and having to also concede – so miraculously it maintained Stefan’s 100% win percentage.
Overall a 4-1 defeat (17-8)
MOTM – I can’t give this to Stefan as his opponent conceded.  So I think it is down to Chris or Dave Grohl.  In the end it went to Dave Grohl for taking time out of his UK tour to play squash for Hart.

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