Sensational Start for Hart

Hart in the Premier League. Wow! The best players in Berkshire playing at Hart and Thursday was our first match. Robbi, who played in the summer for us was playing at 2 and was first on to try & get the season off to great start. First game, a few too many mistakes and he lost it 9-6, but then started to get on top by playing accurate squash that his opponent found difficult to counter. The 2nd & 3rd games were won comfortably and he maintained the momentum with the opponent struggling to anticipate Robbi’s shots. A super 3~1 win.

On the adjacent court Ash in his last match before Uni really wanted to depart with a win but struggled to find his best form, making too many errors. But Ash kept on running & chasing and managed to win the first, and from then on it was much easier. A 3~0 win was the result. Caversham did not have their strongest side out, but thats their hard luck. Hart was 2~0 up!

We have a new No 1 – Dan, who played for us a few years ago – and he will have the toughest of games – this week against the Berkshire No 1. Wearing his pink bandana he would undoubtedly have won in the fashion stakes, but his opponents squash was too hot to handle.

Chris was playing at 3 & has been troubled recently by a bad back, but he was determined to play a part in Harts first appearance in the top league. Having lost the first game, he turned it on in the second, winning 9~0. But in the 3rd & 4th there were many uncharacteristic mistakes that contributed to the 1~3 loss.

Finally Stefan at 5 was confident of victory against a player who he had beaten 3~0 in the Summer. It did not start well ….. but Stefan got into his stride and despite a close 3rd game, won 3~1 – and he was in control most of the time!.

So, there it is – a fantastic start – 15 points and confidence on a high going into the next match at Greenacre.

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  1. Ash (AKA Dick Dastardly) provides his own version of events last Thursday:
    With the Stanton sisters back from Ibiza, and a new addition to the team at number one, it was a full strength side taking on Caversham Health and Fitness. Fortunately for the match report it was a home game and so men’s gazes weren’t distracted by totty at the bar. Unluckily for Dick, this was his first and last match of the winter league and so would be unable to get his trip down to that club behind Waitrose…
    The Helmand Province (Ct 6):
    First on was Dick Dastardly, having been unsuccessful in all his cunning plans to “catch the pidgeon” in Ibiza he was looking a little “ball heavy” and this was displayed in his performance on court. “Playing like a cock” and the infamous “you’re such a twat” made a return as he struggled through the first game having to save a game point. Thankfully from then on it was relatively plain sailing as he cruised to a 3-0 victory.

    Things were looking good for Hart’s debut in the Premier league.

    Next onto the Helmand province was older sister Penelope who seemed distracted with the Hooded Claw lurking on the balcony, in her clear distress she was unable to focus in the first game, but after re-applying her makeup she pulled herself together taking the match 3-1

    Training Court (Ct 7)
    William Hanna was first on for a training session, which it looked like he needed, after some shocking squash in the first game. Fortunately the training lines helped him to establish just where he was supposed to be hitting the ball and things were looking good up until match point when he took it upon himself to try and sent the ball into orbit, luckily the ceiling kept it in and a replacement ball was not required. Hanna then proceeded to wrap up the match. 3-1
    “Newbie” to the team Danny Long was on next and he fell very short on Irish luck, should a pint of guiness have been waiting for him between games? Were there actually any leprechauns on court? Did he forget to bring his four leaf clover? A 3-0 loss was a disappointing start to the season and perhaps will have to be made up for in forfeits at the bar…
    Peter Perfect was anything but perfect in his display of how not to hit a squash ball, in fact, if that was in fact his aim then he was more perfect than any of us could ever dream to be. A glimpse of what he could do was seen in game two where he delivered a 9-0 but that was the only positive thing of note. A 3-1 loss

    Overall a 15-8 win and a good start to the season

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